Social Media in your Wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s natural to be excited and want to tell everyone. And, if not the world, at least our closest friends and family!

Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are full of brides and grooms sharing their whole wedding planning story. For some it starts from the proposals right the way through to the wedding day itself. Other couples even create a separate Instagram account, so they're able to document their journey with other couples whilst deliberately keeping their decisions and choices hidden from their family and friends.

For most of us, Social Media being is such an integral part of our lives and a big way in which we communicate with friends and family. It’s natural to think about how you might use it to share news and parts of your wedding with those closest to you.

Here are 10 ways you can incorporate social media into your wedding:

1. Create a Wedding Hashtag

A wedding hashtag is a fun and practical way to gather all your guests' photos and posts in one place. Create a unique and catchy hashtag that represents your wedding and encourage your guests to use it when sharing their own pictures and messages. By doing so, you create a digital album of memories that both you and your guests can look back on for years to come. You can create one yourselves or use an online generator to help you.

2. Hire a Content Creator

A Wedding Content Creator, an emerging but quickly growing trend is a hired individual or team who captures instant, behind-the-scenes moments at a wedding. They are there to fill the void between the actual event and the moment the professional photos and videos get delivered, which can take up to a few months in some cases. They are the one guest at the wedding who is allowed to have their phone out and aim to capture your day as your guests will see it. It’s a great for couples who want an unplugged wedding but do want a fun and social media element to their day.

3. Live Stream the Ceremony

For loved ones who can't attend your wedding in person, live streaming the ceremony is a wonderful way to include them in your special day. Platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or Zoom can help you connect with distant friends and family in real-time. Set up a dedicated camera or smartphone with a tripod to capture the event seamlessly.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Previews

Give your followers a sneak peek into your wedding preparations by sharing behind-the-scenes moments. Document your dress fittings, venue visits, and DIY projects. It adds a personal touch and builds anticipation.

5. Guest Engagement

Engage with your guests through polls, questions, and interactive stories on platforms like Instagram on the run up to your wedding. Ask for song requests or fun facts and stories about the couple that can be shared during the reception. This not only keeps your guests involved but can also create talking points throughout the day.

6. Collaborative Playlist

Create a collaborative playlist on a music streaming platform like Spotify and invite your friends and family to add their favourite songs. It's a great way to involve your loved ones in the music selection and get everyone in the party mood. Share the playlist on your social media profiles so that your guests can listen to it after the wedding too and it’ll bring back great memories.

7. Photo, Video Booths and Audio Books

Set up a designated area at your wedding venue with props and backdrops, encouraging guests to take photos and record short videos or audios. Share these funny and heartfelt moments on social media to spread joy. You can set up a specific wedding photo booth or simply designate a corner with a backdrop where guests can take selfies and group shots.

8. Virtual Toasts and Speeches

If some of your close friends or family members can't attend your wedding, consider having them record video toasts or speeches. Play these heartfelt messages during the reception, and don't forget to capture the reactions of those present to share with those who miss the day. This thoughtful gesture allows absent loved ones to be a part of your celebration, and it adds a personal touch to your reception.

9. Photo Challenges

Create a wedding photo challenge for your younger guests. Provide a list of photo prompts related to your wedding, such as "capture a funny moment" or "take a photo of your favourite dish." This can make your wedding more interactive for children and keep them entertained. It also ensures you'll have a wide range of candid and creative photos to remember your big day.

10. Thank-You Posts

After your wedding, show your appreciation by sharing thank-you posts on social media. Include photos of your guests, your wedding party, and highlight special moments from the day. It's a heartfelt way to express your gratitude to everyone who shared in your celebration. Make sure to tag your guests in the posts to make them feel extra special and appreciated.

There you have it! 10 ways you can incorporate social media and technology throughout your wedding planning journey. Although remember, your wedding day will pass faster than you can ever imagine. So it’s ok to not incorporate social media at all if you don't want to, put your phone away and simply enjoy the moment too!

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