World class service!

After starting the wedding planning with just myself and husband to be, we were really struggling to find a venue as well as plan the wedding around work commitments and just general day to day life. I came across Clair on Facebook after asking advise for venues in my area and Clair messaged to see if she could help. I initially worried about having a wedding planner as myself and my fiancé didn’t have a huge budget and I worried that planners were only for massive and expensive weddings however after speaking at length with Clair, I realised that wasn’t the case and was put as ease.

From then on, I knew we needed Clair to help us plan our perfect day and within weeks of Clair coming into our lives, she found the ideal venue. Clair was there throughout the entire process to answer any stupid and random questions I had and to help our dream wedding, become a reality. Clair lives approx 3-3.5 hours from me yet she visited 2-3 times before the wedding date to help me view the venue and to generally catch up on plans and discuss anything wedding related. She was able to help with everything from finding decor that I’d seen online, advising on the best room lay out and to looking at menus with me.

Clair truly went above and beyond any expectations we had for a wedding planner and took all of the stress and anxieties out of planning. Myself and my fiancé were able to just enjoy planning knowing we didn’t need to worry as we had Clair there to support and guide us. Within the last few weeks leading to the wedding, Clair spoke with all the different suppliers and provided them and myself with a rough timeline for the day.

On the wedding day, Clair was around to make sure I had everything I needed and to ensure I was calm and enjoying the morning. Clair even went to check on my husband to be to ensure he was ok too. Throughout the day, Clair kept everything on schedule and the day went perfectly. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I don’t know what I would have done without Clair being there to ensure we had the perfect day, her dedication and commitment to ensure we had the perfect day was clear for everyone to see. I cannot thank Clair enough and I will forever be grateful for the help and guidance she gave on our big day. I would recommend anyone that was considering booking a wedding planner that they book Clair. World class service!

Anna and James