2019 Wedding Predictions by Wild Wedding Company

Excitingly though, a new year brings new trends and ideas and the wedding industry is no different. Wild Wedding Company definitely believe your wedding should be a true reflection of you as a couple and as wedding planners and stylists, that’s our main aim. That said we still find it fun to predict what’s hot and what’s not in the year ahead!

Eco Weddings

This a trend we’re really pleased to see on the rise. Last year we explored how couples can make their wedding day more eco-friendly, something so many of us are conscious of. Check out our eco-friendly photo shoot at the beautiful Tournerbury Woods for tips on how to reduce the impact your wedding has on the environment. Consider alternatives to cut flowers or locally sourced suppliers and ingredients.


Recycled paper invites by Daisy Dots. Paper bouquet by Petal & Bird. Image by James White Photography.


We’re seeing lots of colour and lots of it. Pantone has announced that 2019’s colour of the year is Living Coral, a fantastically sunny colour, perfect for those summer weddings. Navy, grey and blush pink continue to be popular, but brides are embracing the chance to add brighter pops of colour throughout their day. Use mixtures of colourful blooms or bright cakes. Whether you choose Pantones colour or another, don’t be afraid to be bold.

Outdoors In

Whilst there is more colour around in florals, the trend of greenery remains at large. A great way to allow colour to shine or to create a more opulent look. Greenery also enables dramatic floral installations from wreaths and hoops to arches and moon gates these can add a real wow factor. Grasses, seeds, fruit and even vegetables are all on the rise. Couples are seeking alternatives, often choosing a more natural, textured bouquet to previously traditional shapes and styles.

wedding planning hampshire alternative vegetable wedding bouquet

Alternative wedding bouquet. Image credit - Maddie Waters Photography


Metallic monogram wedding cake

Opulent Cakes

We’re moving away from the naked and semi-naked trends of the last few years and more opulent cakes are on the rise (pardon the pun!). Style driven cakes with unique flavours are now being favoured. Metallics, monograms, hand painted and palette painted cakes are all popular. Sugar work professionals can create amazingly lifelike flowers that taste even better!

Wedding Dresses

2018 saw two huge Royal weddings in the UK with Megan and Eugenie’s dresses being the subject of much speculation before and after. However, both echoed a similar theme in that they had chosen simpler designs. The key to this trend is to ensure the dress is well tailored. When a dress is clean and simple, the silhouette must accentuate and be the right style for your figure. Lace is also trending, but not the net curtain style! Fantastically suited to the boho and beach style of weddings, lace dresses are much lighter and romantic than they used to be with long flowing lines. Veils however, have increased in size with styles that seemingly go on forever and make a real statement.

Breaking Tradition

Another one we love at Wild Wedding Company. Couples are no longer following set timings and formulas for their wedding days. From speeches before dinner, during dinner, led by the bride or even no speeches at all, couples have realised they can create their day, their way. Brides and grooms are increasingly choosing their bridal party by friendship over gender as we see an increase in ‘bridesmen’ and ‘best maids’. There’s also been a move towards more bridal suits not only for the bridal party but even for the brides, we say go for it!

Rustic Elegance

While the rustic trend has been around for a while now, it’s set to remain popular. 2019 will see it evolve as couples continue to look for rustic venues such as barns, but with the bare, minimal look they can truly put their own stamp on. Bare brickwork and beams can be adorned with statement florals or simply dressed with candles creating a rich but cosy atmosphere. Industrial venues also remain desirable. Using rustic decor such as wooden tables can give these venues warmth and a relaxed feel. The use of trestle tables instead of round tables can also create a more intimate setting, with low florals making them an easy way for guests to chat over their meal.

Wild Wedding Company. eco photoshoot at Tournerbury Woods. Image by James White Photography.

Outdoor Weddings

Tipi’s and marquees remain firm favourites for those seeking an outdoor wedding. After 2018's amazingly hot summer its not surprise lots of couples continue to celebrate their ‘I do’s’ surrounded by nature. Creating a blank canvas these are a great option for those who want to add their own style. The use of a celebrant means couples can hold their entire day in one venue uniquely created for them.

Whether you choose to incorporate several or none of the above, we still truly believe your wedding should be a reflection of you both as a couple. Don’t be afraid to be traditional or break the mold with your ideas. Either way, we’d love to hear more about them so get in touch and find out more about how we can help with planning or the styling and dressing of your venue.